Season 1 Episode 5: All About DICAS with Kathleen Carozza

Kathleen Carozza, MA, RDN

Kathleen Carozza, MA, RDN

DICAS… the sound of that acronym can cause so much anxiety for dietetics students! We feel you, and know where you’re coming from. But the whole reason the DD Community exists is to help you get through, over or around anxiety in the whole RDN experience. We believe the more knowledge, prep and inside info that you have about the DICAS application, the less anxiety-ridden the whole process has to be.

So on this episode of FMTF, we went straight to the source to get details on how DICAS applicants can get organized and make the best impression on their applications! Our guest on this episode is Kathleen Carozza. Kathleen the Dietetic Internship Program Director at the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey. She’s been an RDN for over 30 years. Under her tenure, the DI program at the College of Saint Elizabeth has doubled its capacity and become a combined masters/internship program.

We didn’t just talk about the dietetic internship application, but we talked to Kathleen about some of the little (and not so little) things that can reduce a student’s chances of being accepted to a DI. Is is a red flag if your program director DOESN’T write one of your letters of recommendations? What are common mistakes that students make on their resumes? What resources on your campus are you paying for that can help improve your application? What if you don’t have any volunteer hours in nutrition? What if you’ve left school for several years to work, and are now just applying to your DI? We cover all of these topics and so much more in this episode. Have your pen and paper out so you can take notes!

Also, be sure to check out the resources below and on our Student and Intern Resources page. We hope this episode helps to answer some of those questions that you may have been worried about, and even some that you may not have thought of, related to the DICAS process, and help reduce your stress level just a little bit!

Tamara Melton