Season 1 Episode 4: Do I Belong in This Field with Trinique Stallings


On this episode, we talk with Trinique Stallings RDN. Trinique is a registered dietitian living and working in Philedelphia. She attended La Salle University and graduated two years ago from their Coordinated Program. Following the program she encountered obstacles in getting her first job, causing her to question her place in the field. Trinique talks to us about life after the dietetic internship, how she overcame questions around belonging and what she learned about shifting careers in the field of dietetics.

Today, Trinique works in a long term care facility and a drug rehabilitation center. She hopes to pivot into a career focused on maternal health and is currently studying to become an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant through Drexel University’s Human Lactation Consultant Program.

Deanna Belleny