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Make a Donation to our Founders Campaign

Thank you to the donors of our Founder's Campaign!

Diversify Dietetics' goal is to provide relevant, high quality programs to our Community members. We have gathered hundreds of feedback surveys from dietetics students, interns, professionals and educators and are working on developing resources and programs based on this feedback. Your generous donation will provide the initial support needed to develop programs with the quality and reach needed to make effective change and to truly shift the status quo in the field of dietetics. Funds donated from the Founders' Campaign will be assisting to support:

For our Students and Intern Community

  • The administrative costs related to launching and managing our 2018-19 Virtual Mentorship program for dietetics students and interns.

  • Hosting in-person meetups at cities throughout the U.S. These meet-up will be facilitated by Diversity Dietetics RDN Professionals Ambassadors and will provide students, interns and young professionals of color opportunities to listen to panel discussions and network with RDN professionals and educators.

  • Administrative costs related to our "Feed Me the Facts" online series, which provides information and resources to students and interns at no cost, on topics related to the dietetics educational pathway and other topics relevant to dietetics students, interns and young professionals of color.

For our Educators' Community

  • Educator's Workshops and Webinars to train professors and administrators of dietetics programs on topics such as developing a holistic application; methods of effectively recruiting and advising students of color; Identifying conscious or unconscious bias; equity versus equality; cultural sensitivity throughout the curriculum; and more!

Your funds will allow us to begin developing and offering these resources and programs at little to no cost for students and at more locations around the U.S. for educators.

Thank you for your generous support!


Diversify Dietetics, Inc is as Georgia nonprofit corporation in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status. Donations are not tax deductible at this time. Diversify Dietetics, Inc will provide retroactive charitable contribution documentation to all donors if and when 501(c)3 status is approved and finalized by the Internal Revenue Service. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for this contribution.