Season 2 Episode 5: Change Your Mindset and Make More Money as an RDN

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If we had a penny for every time an RDN complained that we don’t get paid as much as other allied health disciplines… The idea that low pay is a given if you want to work in dietetics is also sometimes the reason why students of color decide to pursue other pathways besides dietetics, so it was a topic we definitely wanted to discuss! Some people blame the lowers salaries on the fact that we are female-dominated profession, while others attribute the lower pay to less than energetic lobbying on behalf of our professional organizations.

In this episode, money mindset coach and expert Christine Dyan, RDN says that that kind of thinking is self-defeating and part of the problem (and we agree!). During this episode Christine talks about:

  • Why is it critical to change your mindset toward money FIRST

  • Her own personal journey to change her money mindset

  • Why RDNs (on average) get paid less than our colleagues

  • Why thinking the Academy is responsible for RDN salaries is flawed thinking

  • Why it's important to think like a biz owner 1st, and an RDN 2nd

    and so much more!

This episode is a MUST LISTEN for every RDN and RD2Be out there!

About Christine

Christine Dyan Thomson, RDN LDN is the CEO/Owner of Christine Dyan International, a business coaching firm in suburban Chicago that supports Registered Dietitians in private practice in increasing their earning potential so they can have a greater impact in the nutrition & wellness marketplace. Christine is also the creator & host of the "Make More Money as a Dietitian" podcast, which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify. You can learn more about her signature coaching programs for RD's by visiting her website

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