Season 1 Episode 8: "SNACKS" Episode- Pursuing Multiple Passions


There are so many interesting career paths you can take in the world of nutrition and dietetics. This journey typically begins with finding an interest and that interest can turn into a passion. But, what happens when you have multiple passions? Is it possible to pursue all of them and maintain sanity as well as joy in your every day work? On this episode, we talk with Alice Figueroa, a registered dietitian who is pursuing her passions in malnutrition research, global health advocacy, diabetes prevention, culinary arts, and yoga.

Alice talked with us about:

  • How she developed her passions through experiences in the States and in Guatemala

  • How exploring her interest and taking a chance on herself led her to become a James Beard Foundation National Scholar and Natural Foods Chef.

  • How to balance the pursuit of multiple passions with everyday life &

  • How to continually cultivate skills and grow professionally

About Alice:

Alice Figueroa is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is passionate about promoting universal access to nutrition support, health services, and wholesome foods for all segments of society regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status. She is a James Beard Foundation National Scholar Award Recipient and a Natural Foods Chef. She is dedicated to empowering the global community to achieve optimum well-being through food security, mindful living, health supportive cooking, and happy eating. Alice is the Duke Center for International Development Malnutrition Research Fellow and is conducting research to address chronic malnutrition and stunting in Central America. Her research focuses on identifying gaps in nutrition services in Central America and providing health support for underserved indigenous populations in Guatemala. Through her research, she hopes to build partnerships with diverse political, community, and economic stakeholders in Central America to coalesce a food systems approach to address food insecurity and malnutrition. She is committed to supporting sustainable and culturally-appropriate nutrition interventions that empower underserved communities. Alice earned a Master of Public Health from New York University, where she also completed her Dietetic and Nutrition credentials. She holds an honors degree in International Relations with a focus on healthcare policy from Tulane University and is a CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program Certified Lifestyle Coach and Yoga Teacher. She also founded Alice in Foodieland, a website where the community can explore science-based nutrition articles and delicious, health supportive recipes.

Deanna Belleny