Wanna Host a Meet-Up?

Every Fall and Spring we host meet-ups in cities around the nation to bring together professionals, educators and students that are part of the Diversify Dietetics community. Are you interested in being a host? Read our FAQs and sign up below!

Meet-Up Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: So what does a host do?

A: Host are the amazing city locals that find a location (or activity) for the Diversify Dietetics meet-up! As a host, you solidify the time, date, and place. You also have the very important job of making sure the group gets a picture at the end of the event!

Q: When should I host the meet-up?

A: We will give you specific dates closer to the time of the meet-ups Fall meet-ups are taking place between August 24- September 28th. In general, we have found that after work hours on Wed- Friday are popular choices as well as Saturday during the day.

Q: Where should I host a meet-up?

A: You can host a meet-up anywhere but it must be a location that does not require a deposit or spending minimum. Some really cool past meetups have included: A tour of the local food bank, a group hike, coffee-shop, lakeside picnic, live music happy hour…

Q: How do I get people to the meet-up?

A: We will create a flyer and make sure to advertise on our social media, our website, and through our monthly newsletter! We will also share the flyer with you and you can send out to those who may be interested in your area!

Q: How do I know what to talk about at the meet-up?

A: As a diverse group of RDs and RDs2BE in a profession that lacks diversity, we find that conversation may come naturally. We will also provide you with a host guide that gives a few ice-breakers and conversation starters to get things going.

Meet-ups are intended to be safe spaces and may function as an opportunity for some to vent and unpack the stresses associated with being in a field that is not very diverse. Please encourage respect and confidentiality in subjects that may come up.

Q: Can only people of color attend a Diversify Dietetics meet-up?

A: Our mission is dedicated to increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of the field of dietetics and we believe everyone has a part in making that happen! All Diversify Dietetics supporters and allies are welcome to the meet-ups. That being said, there are not many spaces for current and aspiring nutrition professionals of color to come together. As an ally in this space, prioritize listening and respecting the perspectives others bring to the table.

Q: As a host, do I have to pay for anything?

A: You do not! As of Fall 2019 all of our meet-ups are donation based. This means that registration is free and participants can choose to donate to us or not! This also means that we won’t be covering the cost of any food or beverages and you won’t have to worry about coming out of pocket.

Q: Ok, I’m in! What do I do next?

A: Great, thanks for volunteering! Next steps are easy, just fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch soon to confirm!

Meet-Up Host Sign Up Sheet

We are no longer accepting host for the Fall ‘19 Meet-Ups. You can sign up below to put your city down for spring 2020 and don’t forget to also sign up to attend a Fall Meet-Up near you!

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