Diversify Dietetics Winter 2019 #DDMeetup Host Questionnaire

Thank you for offering to host our next Diversify Dietetics Meetup! Please complete the following information and we will be in touch soon to start planning your city’s #DDMeetup!!

Select possible meetup dates between February 1-March 9, 2019. We have had the best success in the past with meetups that have been hosted in a centrally located coffeeshop, restaurant, or local library on Saturday or Sunday afternoons between 2-5pm or on Tuesday-Thursday evenings between 5-8 pm. If at all possible, choose dates and times within these windows (keeping in mind traffic patterns, competing events and other factors that could affect attendance and the ability to find a venue).

Feel free to contact Tamara if you have any questions about this form: tamara@diversifydietetics.org. We will be in touch soon with next steps- Thank you for your support of the DD Community!

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Meetup Date- 3rd Choice
We provide a budget for each event to provide light appetizers for attendees. Hosts are asked to cover the expenses for the event (up to a pre-agreed and pre-determined amount) and are reimbursed within 10 business days (via check). Would you be able to participate in this reimbursement arrangement? *