Resources for Dietetics Educators, Internship Directors and Preceptors

These resources cover a span of topics related to diversity in education and healthcare. Check back often a we will be continually adding more resources.

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**NOTE: There are dozens of articles related to ethnic and racial minority student recruitment and retention in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. If you are an AND member or if you are an educator with access to a University library, you can access these articles by visiting the JAND website.**

Demographic Data of Dietetics Professionals and Students

Commission on Dietetic Registration Registry Statistics: Current data on the ethnic and racial demographics of credentialed dietetics professionals. (Note- this includes data on ALL credentials practitioners- not just AND members.)

ACEND Diversity Enrollment Statistics (1998-2016): Data on the racial/ethnic make up of students/interns in all program types

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Compensation and Benefits Survey 

Recruiting Diverse Students

Thought-provoking read on Recruiting underrepresented minority students by a Terry McGlynn, Professor of Biology at Cal State Dominguez Hills.  Within this one post are numerous links to articles related to recruiting underrepresented minority students into the STEM field. 

Admissions Practices that Support Diversity

The College Board Future Admissions Tools and Models Initiative: a new initiative to study and improve the practice of admission, with a special focus on holistic and individualized review, in order to expand student access and success.

The College Board Access and Diversity Collaborative: provides guidance to colleges, universities, and state systems of higher education in developing and implementing their access- and diversity-related policies.

Supporting and Advising Students and Interns of Color

Check back soon for resources on this topic.

Cultural Competency, Sensitivity and Structural Competency

Structural Competency : Structural competency calls for a new approach to the relationships among race, class, and symptom expression. It bridges research on social determinants of health to clinical interventions, and prepares clinical trainees to act on systemic causes of health inequalities. While many health care professionals, such as social workers and public health practitioners, have long addressed structural determinants of health, clinical care has been focused on the individual, and often restricts the scope of cultural competency training to the beliefs and behaviors of individual patients. Structural competency aims to develop a language and set of interventions to reduce health inequalities at the level of neighborhoods, institutions and policies.

Structural Competency Working Group: a site dedicated to sharing training materials developed by the Structural Competency Working Group. 

Workforce Diversity

DiversityInc Best Practices: a subscription website that offers two categories of content: career advice and diversity management. Though this is a subscription website, there is much free content available.